16A and 32A

Need to know the power draw of individual pieces of equipment in a cabinet or whether Brand X blades can really save you 10% power compared to Brand Y? Want to know when a single outlet stops drawing power?Need accurate power data for different option fits and applications? Want to allocate energy costs to different users in one cabinet?

Whether you are setting up a lab area for testing, or are looking for the additional security of “per socket” monitoring, MPL has a power strip to meet your needs. There are socket monitoring IntelliStrips in various sizes with combinations of IEC C13, C19, Shucko or British 13A outlets, with and without circuit protection.

IntelliStrips have an overall strip power accuracy of better than 2% qualifying it for the UK Carbon Trust ECA scheme and are fully compatible with ECO monitoring software.

  • Different types and quantities of sockets are available.
  • Measures overall Current, Voltage, Power Factor, kW, kVA and kWhours.
  • Power present sensor.
  • Temperature and humidity measurement.
  • Door open sensor.
  • Designed to work as single strips, or in pairs for dual supply.
  • Retrofittable to existing cabinets from any manufacturer.
  • Left and right handed socket orientation for easy cable management.
  • Control and monitoring via control bus that minimises network impact.
  • Expansion connector for additional sensor types and further control.
  • 32A capability per strip (single phase).
  • IEC C13, C19, UK 13A and Shucko socket outlet options.
  • Qualifies for the Carbon Trust ECA scheme.
  • Size (24 way strip): 65 x 65 x 1931mm between fixing centres (Fits in a 47U cabinet)
  • Weight: Approx 6kg
  • Power connection: Options – 2m terminated in 32A Commando as standard
  • Power Capacity: 32A at 230 – 250 VAC
  • Measurement accuracy: Power: better than 2%, typically better than 1% Temperature: ± 0.5 ºC Humidity: ± 5%

Over the last 10 years the benefits of cabinet level monitoring have become well established. Today, technology and techniques have advanced to the point where individual outlet monitoring is a practical and economic possibility. A primary benefit of this increased resolution is the ability to measure and monitor the power draw of individual pieces of equipment that have varying component fit, allowing more accurate predictions when planning moves and changes. Socket level monitoring can also be used to detect when the current drawn by a piece of equipment falls to zero – indicating a power outage not normally detectable even with cabinet level monitoring.

  • The IntelliStrips are compatible with NGEN software. See separate datasheets for details of these products which also provide data gateways for the connection of 3rd party software tools.