16A and 32A

The Inline Monitor range is designed for cost effective, in-line power monitoring in applications where socket outlets are not a practical solution. Typically they are used in series with single pieces of equipment that draw significant power, or with non-intelligent power strips.


Each Inline Monitor has on-board intelligence that monitors the electrical and environmental status and communicates this data to a master controller via a multi-drop RS485 connection. The master controller (IntelliPoller) may handle up to 256 Inline Monitor (with the use of auxiliary power supplies) and is in turn polled by the IntelliServer software via Internet Protocol.

The RS485 connection between the Inline Monitor and the controlling IntelliPoller is independent of the data room’s network, minimising network traffic and port requirements. It allows devices to be connected and disconnected from the system freely. The data cable also carries power for the Single Phase – Horizontal PDU’s logic and the re-boot relays, making interconnection a simple, single connection with the advantage of enabling the Inline Monitor to actively report power outages on its mains supply.

  • Designed to work as single units, in pairs (black and white) for a dual feed supply, or in larger multiples for multi-feed devices such asmainframes and tape silos.
  • Measures Current, Voltage, kW, kVA and kWhours
  • Qualifies for the Carbon Trust ECA scheme
  • Sensor input to monitor rack temperature and humidity (±.ºC, ±3%RH)
  • Sensor input to monitor opening of rack doors
  • Sensors to detect incoming mains failure
  • Isolated, fail-safe control logic powered independently of monitor power
  • RS485 multi-drop data bus minimises number of IP connections per system
  • Single units may be fitted inside cabinets, under the floor, or above cabinets.
  • The IntelliMonitors are compatible with NGEN software. See separate datasheets for details of these products which also provide data gateways for the connection of 3rd party software tools.