Horizontal PDU

The 1U C13/C19 Single Phase – Horizontal is a monitored, horizontal PDU with 6 X IEC C19  and 8 x IEC C13 sockets on the front and rear of the unit. It is ideal for use in 600mm cabinets where there is no space at the sides for zero-U vertical PDUs. The socket arrangement is optimised for 2 IntelliCompaks to provide A & B feeds to two 6-PSU blade chassis using the C19 outlets and for associated ancilliary equipment to use the C13 outlets.

MPL uses a daisy-chained industrial RS485 data connection to connect up to 256 IntelliCompaks to a central IntelliPoller unit that acts as both an interface to an IP network and a power supply for the monitoring logic in the IntelliCompak. This design both minimises the number of IP connections required for monitoring and ensures that if the power fails in a cabinet that the logic board remains powered and able to report the failure.

  • Input: 32A IEC 60309 connector on 3m LS0H cable – white or black. Other connectors and cable lengths can be supplied. There is no overall circuit protection.
  • C19 outlets: 6 x C19 outlets each fused at 16A. Each with an indicator neon wired after the fuse.
  • C13 outlets: 8 x C13 outlets arranged in 2 groups of 4. Each group is fused at 10A and provided with an indicator neon wired after the fuse.
  • Rating: Max 32A at 200 – 250V.
  • Fuses: 1¼” (31.75mm) T16 and T10 Anti-surge.
  • Using NGEN software, remote users can monitor and record the history of the IntelliCompak’s total current, kVA, kW and accumulated kWHrs. Additionally, the current to each C19 socket and each C13 socket is individually measured. The accuracy qualifies the IntelliCompak as a component for the Carbon Trust’s ECA scheme.
  • In addition to power monitoring there are data sockets for an external cabinet door closure switch and a Temperature and Humidity probe.
  • Data: 6-way Weidmuller carrying RS485 serial data and 12V power
  • Door: 8/8 RJ45 connector for contact closure or IntelliSentry interface
  • Prog: 6/6 RJ12 connector for firmware programming and tamper sensor
  • T&H: 8/8 RJ45 connector for temperature & humidity probe
  • Height: 1.” (44.4mm) – 1U
  • Width: 19” (483mm)
  • Depth: 12.” (312mm) excluding connectors and cable management bars. Add 2” (50mm) each, for front and rear cable management bars. Using the offset rackmount ears will recess the unit 2” (50mm) so that the front cable management bar (if fitted) is flush with the front of the rack. 16.” (412mm) including recess mounting and both cable management bars.
  • Weight: 5.2kg including power cable.