MPL Technology Group


MPL Project Management and Integration Services

MPL can provide Full Installation and Project Management services relating to the power and environmental management solutions featured.

We also pride ourselves in the ability to present detailed documentation to maintain the highest standards in data center installtion and commissioning. This documentation includes:

  • System Design Document
  • MPL Benchmarking Document
  • Method Statements and Risk Assessmet for Project Delivery

MPL Technical Support and Maintenance Services

We can provide range of specific support and maintenance services alongside the software and hardware products presented.

We are flexible in our approach to client needs and this is reflected in the way we work on a general scale. Our web-site has the capability to allow clients to log calls relating to issues with the software platform and we have an internal system dedicated to the call management process and response timings.

We have outlined some general services that are available from our dedicated support team:

  • bank-notes-2448_bd66c927-7837-4dbf-bc25-d49656dfe619


    Examine Diagnostics Logs issued by Client System Operative and  perform Database Table Repair

  • bank-cards-2445_a1e87fce-3f73-4202-9204-4ad23d9ce522

    Gather Requirements and Documentation

    Telephone/Email Support for any technical requirements and also Maintain Installation Drawings

  • coins-2452_3800c0d7-bb74-4470-909a-e107b62b50e6


    Advise on Proposed Installation planning with Intellipoller Connectivity and provide world class training

  • pos-terminal-2470_861790a4-85dc-4da4-b645-64e5b80247d5

    Intelli-VU Tool

    Provide Support on creation of reports using the new Intelli-VU Tool

  • deposit-box-2465_8d0edd4a-0865-4431-b57f-e857a350022b


    Provide Support for the integration of Intelliserver with third  Party  Software Platforms

  • invoice-2474_16cf5270-ffa8-4c6e-b664-5b73fe167d57

    Site Visits

    Technical Site visits to perform data centre review and conduct any necessary training

Training Plan Summary

There are a number of activities that can be carried out by appointed Client Personnel once Training programs have been completed.

  • Perform front line maintenance tasks

    Secure connectors that are dislodged
    Replace faulty pieces of equipment
    Stop/restart the server if required

  • System Operability

    Ensure the system operates correctly
    Periodically check that all devices are responding
    Zip and send the diagnostics file off for checking

  • Repair and Backup

    Repair database tables if required
    Back-up and send tables to MPL for examination when required

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Integral Activities include
Ability to physically install new equipment:

  • refresh-database-1856_a6704a77-603a-45b0-925d-41498e0fb1aa

    Process Initialization

    Managing the process as per the guideline document and Re-flashing equipment with the right firmware if required

  • radar-signal-727_b1dcc914-3ee5-449c-941e-d4684ee50ba3


    Physically installing the equipment with accessories and Cabling the equipment

  • handshake-2819_4c48473b-74a8-4575-890d-e1824695a74c

    Setting Up

    Setting device 485 addresses and the Poller IP address and Testing the installation

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