Intelligent Interface

The Poller E is an intelligent IP interface for MPL’s power and environmental monitoring and access control systems. It allows the software NGEN to gather critical monitoring data from all connected devices.

MPL devices (PDUs, In-Line, access control units etc) are connected via an industrial RS485 serial data bus. Up to 64 devices may be attached to each bus and the Poller E controls 4 such busses allowing up to 256 monitoring devices to be connected to the LAN, WAN, VPN or internet via a single IP enabled connection point.

This represents a significant infrastructure saving over a system that uses one IP connection per device.

  • Monitoring
    The Poller E provides an IP inteface for up to 256 monitoring and control devices. Auxiliary power supplies may be used to provide additional power on long chains.
  • Rear Panel Connections
    Chains 1-4: RS485 + power, (4 x 6-way latching Weidmuller)
    Network: IP, 1GB full duplex, Assignable address, Ports
    4001 and 80, (RJ45)
    Aux: Programming port, (RJ12)
    Console: Diagnostics, (9-way sub-D)
    IEC A & B: Dual (switching) mains connection
    Future facilities:
    Aux 2 (RJ45); Aux 3 (Dual USB)
  • Ventilation
    The new Poller E incorporates its own fan. The exhausted air is delivered through the perforations on the top of the unit.
    According to this, it is key to not place any other equipment above the Poller E as it may cause damage.
  • Physical
    Dimensions: 480mm (19”) x 42.5mm (1U) x 375mm (inc
    removable cable bar)
    Weight: 4kg.
    Power: 100-240 VAC, 100W.
  • If cabinet monitoring devices were to rely solely on cabinet power to power their logic, then they run the risk of not being able to actively report a power failure when the cabinet power fails. Instead MPL monitoring products are powered from the RS485 data bus and the Poller E supplies some or all the power to the bus.