Part Number: 47-15TSGF

Getting the conditioned air out of the floor and cooling the effectively and efficiently cooling the IT equipment is a primary concern. MPL Technology are distributors of the Triad floor grille, which is specially designed to provide better air dissipation and stratification than standard floor grilles.

The Triad managed airflow grille is specially designed Hi-Plume Stratification fin creates a dispersed pattern of airflow out of the tile

Hi-Plume Stratification design

Standard flat bottom floor grilles have a major design flaw that leads to jet stream, short cycling and negative airflow. In tests carried out by the Uptime Institute it was found that only 28% of air coming through a tile actually passes through the servers. The Triad managed airflow grille is different, its specially designed Hi-Plume Stratification fin creates a dispersed pattern of airflow out of the tile. The fin causes the air to “bend” outwardly allowing it to flow into the servers and reach servers at the top of the racks.

  • Hi-Plume Stratification fin increases cooling capacity and lowers server temperatures by 5 to 15°F.
  • 4% Energy cost saving for each degree Fahrenheit lowered
  • Delivers air to full height of the rack.
  • 600mm x 600mm heavy duty steel tile.
  • 65% Open design delivers 2-3 times more CFM.
  • TopSat leveler allows level to be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to allow a flush mount to the existing raised floor.
  • Load rating of 680Kg (1,500lbs).
  • Dual Lift-n-Lock integrated handles eliminate the need for suction cup lifters.
  • Optional dampers and baffles can be fitted.