Part Number: 41-25050 /3.3m length

Part Number: 41-25025 /2.6m length

RackSeal air barrier is a solution that prevents hot exhaust air recirculating to the front of server racks between the mounting rails and the rack sides. An area which, until now, has been difficult to seal.

Preventing hot exhaust air recirculating within and between IT equipment racks plays an important role in reducing data centre cooling costs. Whilst blanking panels solve this issue for unused rack space, hot air has still been able to migrate to the front of the racks via the gaps between mounting angles and sides of racks, externally between racks and underneath racks that are on castors. What was needed was an air barrier that would effectively seal these areas – RackSEAL air barrier.

RackSEAL air barrier is a compressed foam tape that expands to fill a range of gap sizes and works with 600mm or 800mm wide racks. The RackSEAL air barrier is easy to install, as it is self adhesive and is simply stuck to the side of the rack, the base of the rack or to the mounting rails. RackSEAL air barrier still permits cables to be passed between the side of the rack and the rails, and simply moulds itself around them to ensure gaps are sealed.

  • Slow expansion allows RackSEAL Air Barrier to be installed without disturbing cables.
  • Black in colour, and supplied on pre-compressed rolls.
  • Self adhesive acrylic scrim makes installation to racks quick and easy.
  • Virtually no particulation.
  • RackSEAL Air Barrier is free from chlorinated compounds, CFC and halogens.
  • Temperature operating range: -30°C to 130°C.
  • Fire retardent: Class B1 as laid out in DIN 4102-1.

Prevents hot air recirculating between cabinet sides and rails, between racks or underneath the rack.

  • Reduces hot spots caused by hot air recirculation.
  • Less heat contamination of conditioned cool air.
  • Helps cut data centre cooling costs.
  • Seals around cables.
Part Number Tape Width Expanded Depth
Roll Length
41-2505025mm (0.98”)

50mm (1.97”)

3.3m (129.9”)
41-4012540mm (1.57”)125mm (4.92”)

2.6m (102.3”)

Patented Sealing System Sealing Effectiveness

(U.S. Patent No. RE41863 and International Patents Pending) Multi-layer, opposing and interwoven filaments consisting of:

  •  0.010 inch diameter upper filament.
  • 0.020 inch diameter lower filament.
  • Approximately 25,000 filaments per Grommet.
  • Premium grade nylon Type 6 ensuring flexibility and self-sealing recovery.
  • Ensure passage of 100 amp power connectors.

Sealing Effectiveness

  • Effective bypass airflow sealing in areas undisturbed by cable penetrations at static pressures up to 0.10 inches of water column.
  • Effective bypass airflow sealing with four ½ inch cables penetrating the Grommet at a static pressure of 0.10 inches.

Grommet Frame

  • The frame is molded from durable polypropylene.
  • Finish: Black.

Floor Mounting System

Four (4) self-drilling screws are provided for installation.