Part Number: 49-PD24

PolarDam Air Dam Foam assists in improving cooling efficiency by preventing bypass airflow through unsealed cable cutouts and other floor penetrations. By sealing these openings it keeps the cold air contained and increases the static pressure in the plenum.

PolarDam Air Dam Foam is self-forming to any area where it is inserted, and stops cold air contained under the floor from escaping. The flexible design of PolarDam™ Air Dam Foam makes it a quick, easy and cost effective solution for sealing cable cutouts and other floor openings; it can also be used to seal gaps in 19 inch racks. PolarDam™ is fire retardant, meeting the UL-94-HF-1 fire rating, and has stable physical properties so it retains its integrity over time.

  • PolarDam™ is supplied as individual 610mm x 610mm x 51mm (24” x 24” x 2”) sheets. Each foam sheet is scored into a “tear-to-size” perforated 25mm x 25mm (1” x 1”) grid so it can be easily separated along the perforations to make any size or shape needed. The grid pattern allows PolarDam™ foam to be adjusted to fit around the cables or pipe work whatever their size.
  • PolarDam™ can be easily sized to seal cable cutouts in raised access floors.
  • Can also be used to seal other gaps in the floor, between rack rails and rack sides or between racks.
  • Perforated into 1” x 1” squares allowing foam to be sized or shaped to the required opening.
  • Fire retardant meeting UL-94-HF-1 rating.
  • Easy, flexible & cost effective way to seal cable openings.
  • Supplied as single sheets.

Meets Test Standard: ASTM – D-3574, UL-94-HF-1, MIL P-26514-G, Type 1, Class 2, Grade C

PropertiesTypical ValueTest Method
Density, lbs/cu ft.1.80 minASTM D3574
ILD @ 25%, 4”35 – 45ASTM D3574
Tear Strength, psi15 minASTM D3574
Tensile Strength, psi25mm*ASTM D3574
Elongation, %200 minASTM D3574
Resilience25 – 30ASTM D3574

Sealing Effectiveness

  • Efffective bypass airflow sealing in areas undisturbed by cable penetrations at static pressures up to 0.10 inches of water column.
  • Effective bypass airflow sealing with four ½ inch cables penetrating the Grommet at static pressure required to cool up to 3kW per cabinet.
  • Effective bypass airflow sealing with four ½ inch cables penetrating the Grommet at a static pressure of 0.50 inches of water column.

Patented Sealing System

(U.S. Patent No. RE41863 and International Patents Pending) Multi-layer, opposing and interwoven filaments.

Other Materials

  • Metal Extrusion filament holder: Anodised aluminium alloy, black finish.
  • End Caps: PC/ABS, black. (Provided with 24” / 610mm versions only).

Floor Mounting System

24” / 610mm Grommets come standard with two end caps, double-sided, non-particulating adhesive mounting kit and five self-tapping screws per grommet.

60” / 1,524mm Grommets DO NOT come standard with end caps, adhesive mounting kit or self-tapping screws.

Optional mounting tape or screws are available for custom installations. (Min. order may apply).