Part Number: 46-Eziblank

EZIBLANK® blanking panels are supplied in 6U sheets and provide a cost effective blanking solution that can improve your PUE by preventing unwanted air recirculation within the 19” rack.

EZIBLANK® 6U blanking panel sheets can be snapped at 1U intervals allowing them to blank out the required amount of unused rack space.

By using EZIBLANK® blanking panel sheets it keeps hot exhaust air away from the cool intake air, extending the life of IT equipment, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the data centre.

EZIBLANK® blanking panel sheets are quick and easy to install and require no tools, thanks to the innovative ‘pop-in clip’

  • EZIBLANK® prevents hot air recirculation, which is one measure that helps improve CRAC unit efficiency.
  • 6U panels can be split at 1U intervals.
  • EZIBLANK® panels are designed and manufactured to the highest international standards.
  • Great for the environment, EZIBLANK® panels are reusable, recyclable and flame retardant.
  • Tool-less installation thanks to innovative ‘pop-in clip’.
Part Number:46-EZIBLANK – 10 x 6U Panels, black.
Size:19” EIA x 6RU.

Snaps off to six 19” EIA x 1RU.
Fits:482mm (W) x 266.7mm (H) x 1.8mm (D).
Shipping Weight:10 x 6RU Panels = 3.5Kgs
Certifications:ANS UL 94 V-0.

UL file number E183535.
Material:Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

Meets UL 94 V-0 standard.
Finish:Textured – Available in black only.




Textured – Available in black only.