Cold Aisle Containment is a non-intrusive bespoke retrofit to data centres, whereby the cold aisle is contained to maximise cooling efficiency. Cold Aisle Containment separates the supply and exhaust air between your hot and cold aisles, helping to manage your environment. After Containment is installed, the cold air is delivered directly to the servers and active equipment. This maximises the efficiency of your mechanical infrastructure, saving you money. It also gives guaranteed floor and aisle airflow balancing improvements.

This solution enables five main key capabilities:

  • Preventing recirculation of air back to the computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) units significantly improves the efficiency of your building´s cooling system and reduces your company´s carbon footprint.
  • By creating a positive pressure in the cold aisle, air is directed straight into the servers. This makes them run more efficiently, reducing the risk of failure and extending their life span.
  • In the event of a total cooling shut down, Cold Aisle Containment stops a heating outage for 35 minutes, providing an extra 20 minutes to react.
  • Being able to regulate the air enables better control of the room´s temperature. By increasing the temperature of the CRAC unit by 1ºc, provides a typical saving in the region of 4% of the cooling power bills. In addition, the chiller units will make greater use of natural air temperature (free cooling), further enhancing energy savings.
  • 74% of server failures occur in the top third of the rack where the temperature is traditionally hotter. Cold Aisle Containment provides temperature equilibrium across all servers, no matter where they are positioned in the rack.
  • Cost savings of between 10% and 30% of current building cooling systems.
  • Power savings on room hardware (servers, switches, routers, etc)
  • Control of room temperatures and humidity.
  • Control of airflow and balancing.
  • Improved U-space utilisation.
  • Resiliency to a cooling system shutdown Redundancies to the building and room cooling systems, improving data centre tier status. Reduces the building´s carbon emissions, improving eco friendly status.