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Telecom operator Turkcell, has opened a new facility in Turkey which is claimed to be the country’s first Solar-Powered data center, sited in Ankara.

The new the facility offers 12,000 square meters of whitespace, adding up the company’s portfolio to provide a total whitespace of 33,500 square meters in the country.

The data center features an array of parking lot roof installation for solar power generation. Turkcell added that it already uses portable solar arrays to meet power needs in remote locations which generate about 480MW per year.

“We added another first to our track record with our solar panel systems installed at the parking lot of our new data center. Turkey’s only data center that utilizes electricity produced with solar panels also recycles rainwater to drive less water consumption in the building and in irrigation of green-field,” said Murat Erkan, Turkcell CEO.

As a data center and cloud services provider, Turkcell – through the launch of the new Ankara data center; addresses data-residency needs and pushes to drive more sustainable and carbon-neutral business practices.

“Our investments in Turkey’s data centers that comply with international standards constantly expands as a part of our wider vision of ‘Turkey’s data should be hosted in Turkey” said Erkan.

Turkcell has another data center underway, this facility is sited in Corlu, a northwestern Turkish city and scheduled for completion in 2020.

After the next launch in 2020, The Company said its investments in the country will exceed 2 billion TL (approx. $347 million), which will further strengthen its market position.

The Ankara data center is set to offer cloud services to public institutions and organizations through the company’s subsidiary Turkcell Digital Business Solutions. The facility is also built to support international firms in storing data within Turkey.