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TDCG (The Datacenter Group) has just announced its acquisition of two NovoServe’s data center infrastructure located in Doetinchem and Enschede, Netherlands.

Sited in the eastern part of the Netherlands, both facilities will provide TDCG the opportunity to expand its business into Germany and Eastern Europe.

NovoServe will still be using the new TDCG’s facilities for its services and said that, this sale will enable the company to focus on its international IaaS hosting activities.

“Although we have a lot of experience in the field, it’s not our core business. With TDCG on board as a specialist in the area of data center services, we can focus on our core activity of providing IaaS hosting services to a global customer base. This collaboration guarantees the scalability of our data center infrastructure,”

Herke Plantenga, CEO and co-founder of NovoServe.

TDCG also revealed its intention to grow to a network with national coverage consisting of ten data centers, one in each region of the Netherlands. The company had claimed to be the biggest 100%-Dutch data center provider in the Netherlands after acquiring two data centers from the Rabo Bouwfonds Communication Infrastructure Fund. With the deal, TDCG had its footprints in Amsterdam, Delft, Utrecht and Rotterdam, totaling 30MW of power.

“For private cloud services it goes that customers want to do business with the business around the corner from them,”

Edwin Kennedy, chief commercial officer at TDCG.


“Although they can monitor and manage their entire environment remotely, we want customers to be able to reach the data center quickly in case of maintenance activities.”

After this latest expansion in the eastern part of the Netherlands, TDCG says it is now “taking concrete steps” to expand to the north and south of the country as well. TDCG’s expansion outside the greater Amsterdam area is also not surprising at this point, as it is coming after Amsterdam authorities declared a halt on the construction of new data centers in the area.