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ServerFarm LLC has completed the acquisition of UK-headquartered 5NINES Global Holdings, an “Enterprise to Public” data center operator.

The acquisition deal covered 5NINES Global Holdings and all its operational subsidiaries in the U.S., Finland, the Netherlands and the UK, to become part of ServerFarm Global operations, adopting the ServerFarm brand and operating model. This also includes integrating 5NINES’s employees and customers.

“We are delighted to have acquired one of the world’s most innovative data center operators. This acquisition not only extends our global data center footprint, but also provides a platform to help more customers by repeating a well-proven model,”

said Avner Papouchado, ServerFarm’s CEO.

“This acquisition positions ServerFarm to help more customers around the world realize [their] objectives, and our significant portfolio and services combined with 5NINES’ innovation will define how enterprise data center owners deliver digital strategies for years to come.”

Both firms look out for global clients who want to remove their existing data center assets and operations from their internal portfolio and convert them to a pure service model.

To this end, the founders of 5NINES Global Holdings and ServerFarm have also entered into an agreement to jointly accelerate the 5NINES “Enterprise to Public” (E²P) data center solution – an acclaimed quick, reliable and flexible solution.

“It’s a great pleasure to see that our vision for Enterprise to Public (E²P) data centers, underpinned by proven customer contracts, has been recognized by ServerFarm as being a game changer. We are looking forward to working with the team at ServerFarm to help more customers take advantage of the incredible opportunities to transform their business,”

said Justin Gilbert, Chairman of 5NINES.

ServerFarm will also work closely with NIBC Bank which was helpful in completing the acquisition deal. Jan Willem van Roggen, Managing Director at NIBC Bank expressed the bank’s excitement on the partnership and looks forward to working closely with ServerFarm’s management team and supporting their strategic growth objectives.