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Huawei has announced its Intelligent Data Center Service solution which will help customers design, build and operate Tier-4, green and smart data centers.

This announcement was made at the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2020, which held in Barcelona. Huawei went on to disclose that its new solution will use artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce data center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) by 8% – 15%.

In more specific terms, the new data center solution is a full-lifecycle, one-stop service solution that provides customers with consulting and design, integration implementation, intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M), and operation support.

“Large data centers will be both the focus and the challenge of the future. A super-large data center must have five features: resource convergence, high power efficiency, business continuity, technological innovation, and intelligence,” Hank Stokbroekx, Vice President of Enterprise Service, Huawei Enterprise.

According to the Company, the new service is both green and intelligent as it uses modular data centers to reduce the physical space occupied, and includes built-in energy-saving AI algorithms which can reduce the PUE to 1.2.

Also in the conference, Huawei officially launched its new UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power module. This 100kW UPS power module is known as the FusionPower2.0, and the company said it will serve customers in the data center industry, helping them increase revenue while reducing costs if the UPS input and output power distribution is taken into consideration as well as the reduction in UPS footprint within a facility.

“Due to our strong technical strength and rich experience in the power supply industry, Huawei continues to invest in R&D and innovation. We keep pursuing higher power density and more advanced Li-ion battery energy storage technologies in data centers, to meet the new requirements of simplified architecture, high reliability, and simplified O&M for power supply system of cloud data centers, and help customers accelerate digital transformation,” said Sanjay Kumar Sainani, SVP and CTO of Huawei Global Data Center Facility Business.