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Digital Realty has announced a seven-and-a-half year power and renewable energy credit agreement with Citi to provide power to its 13 data centres in the Dallas, Texas region.

With this transaction, Citi will deliver about 260,000MW hours of renewable energy each year, which makes up 55% of the expected output at the 162MW Glasscock County wind farm developed by Bearkat Wind Energy II, LLC.

“The data centre industry underpins the growth of the digital economy, and we believe it is critical for industry participants to recognise the importance of managing the environmental impact of their digital infrastructure,” said A. William Stein, chief executive officer at Digital Realty.

“We’re dedicated to supporting our customers with sustainable, highly resilient facilities that leverage renewable energy and other energy-efficient technologies. We’re proud to be partnering with Citi, a proven leader in sustainable financing, to bring clean, renewable energy to our customers and we look forward to furthering our sustainability strategies with customers across the region and around the world.”

The new wind power agreement builds upon Digital Realty’s long-term renewable energy strategy, and advancing its environmental and sustainability goals by supplying approximately 30% of the company’s power needs.

“As more companies like Digital Realty invest in renewable energy, we’ve committed to supporting them in their environmental endeavors as part of our efforts to accelerate the global transition to a low-carbon economy. This agreement represents an important step in powering Texas data centres with renewable energy and we’re excited to be supporting the effort,” said Roxana Popovici, a Managing Director at Citi.

In 2019, Digital Realty announced an additional 50 megawatts of renewables to support its data centres in Ashburn, Virginia and signed a green tariff agreement with Portland General Electric which will supply approximately 120,000MW hours annually to its new development project in Hillsboro, Oregon.