What is N-GEN?

Problem-solving in mission-critical environments.


N-GEN by MPL is a culmination of 10 years Data Centre operational, consultancy and engineering experience spanning a number of global bluechip organisations.

N-GEN provides a detailed yet intuitive interface, rich visualisations and easy access to data in real-time. It is the next generation of DCIM.

What It does

Open-source mindset: N-GEN Integrates 3rd party software, legacy systems, and legacy DCs for a comprehensive view of your estate.

Fast time to value: Capability to develop custom solutions in a short timescale to meet new project requirements.

Solving problems that others can’t: Our expertise in hardware, software and relevant services in combination with a unique product range offering, allows us the most comprehensive, high-quality problem-solving capabilities in the IT and mission-critical infrastructure arena.

Aligning facilities and IT: Our range of products serves both facilities and IT and aligns them in the dashboard and reporting, for smarter business decisions with no gaps in management reporting.

Operational cost-saving: Intelligent monitoring and alerting from the entire estate allows for smart measurements and changes that will reduce risk and the bottom line.

Cost-effective, modular solutions: We offer cost-effective solutions by providing products that are necessary and sufficient to run the client’s mission-critical environment. Modules can be added on as required under the smart N-GEN configuration.

Key Features of N-GEN Software

  • Dashboard-Widget

    Dashboard Widgets

    World Status of environment. Statistic Buttons. Custom Graphs. Capacity Dials. Event/Change Calendar. Real-time Notifications. Real-time Graphs. User Discussion Channels.

  • bank-cards-2445_a1e87fce-3f73-4202-9204-4ad23d9ce522

    Widget Functionality

    Telephone/Email Support for any technical requirements and also Maintain Installation Drawings

  • Data-centre

    Data Centre – View

    Real-time rack RAG floorplan updates. Easily drag & drop racks into location. Snap rack feature for quick deployment. Create Zones and change the orientation of racks.

  • Data-centre

    Data Centre – View (more)

    Drill into racks for more information. Choose different sized racks as required. Side by side compare rack performance. Exportable reports into multiple formats.

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure View

    DC Capacity & PDU Capacity. Infrastructure Mapping. Phase Balancing Views. PAN / Buzz Bar Loading.

  • threshold_1244413


    Thresholds are managed at different levels: Global Data Centre Rack (Group of devices) Device Alert Thresholds can be the same or set different to the floorplans.

  • Table

    Dynamic Data Tables

    Manage vast quantities of data. Instantly sort and filter tables of data. Exportable as Excel, CSV and PDF files. Copy the filtered contents to clipboard.

  • Graph

    Interactive Graphs

    Amazing Graphic Visualisations Export graphs in image and PDF formats Mouse roll over data points Show/Hide data series.