System Topology

An IntelliPoller unit on the RS485 bus provides a connection to the network and additional power supplies on the bus ensure resiliency of supply external to the cabinet. One cable for each door connects the interface unit to the access control panel and a small cable from the access panel
goes to the door handle. An RJ connector system allows standard patch cables to be used and the option of a coupler at the door hinge to facilitate door removal.

Features of N-GEN Rack Security System

The Card Reader Module.

The NGEN Rack security system combines an intuitive software interface with a fully integrated card reader system to deliver rack and cold aisle access control. The solution may be installed as part of a power and environmental monitoring system, or installed as a separate system. The hardware element comprises of an interface unit in each rack that has the capability to control both the front and rear door of the rack as required via an RS485 power supply bus, and a card reader module that is installed on the door where access cards in HID or MIFARE formats can be used. The card reader is wired to the door handle where sufficient voltage is delivered to drive the open/closed process on the handle.

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    The Sensors alert when doors are opened

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