AisleLok Bi-Directional Doors

10163-42: 48″ (1200mm) X 42U Bi-Directional Doors
10163-45: 48″ (1200mm) X 45U Bi-Directional Doors
10163-48: 48″ (1200mm) X 48U Bi-Directional Doors

The AisleLok Bi-Directional Doors are a key component in Upsite’s AisleLok Modular Containment solution. The doors can be used with or without the AisleLok Rack Top Baffles; however, for maximum benefit both products are recommended.

  • Standardized off-the-shelf design, available in common rack heights
  • No tools required for installation; attaches directly to side of the end of the aisle cabinet using non-interfering twist lock magnets
  • Quick and easy mounting allows for minimal disruption to the data center
  • Rugged, high quality design enhances professional aesthetics of the computer room
  • See-through doors provide maximum visibility in and out of the aisle
  • Allows equipment carts to be pushed directly through the doors without the need to first slide or swing open the doors by hand
  • UL94 flame resistant materials
  • Includes a door stopper to hold door as needed.
  • Supports increased reliability and availability of IT equipment by reducing server intake temperatures and eliminating hot spots
  • Allows for higher rack densities
  • Prevents hot air recirculation
  • Reduces energy costs by providing the opportunity to increase set point temperatures and/or turn off cooling units
  • Flexible design allows the containment system to adapt as the computer room evolves
  • Modular design and out-of-the-box installation does not require 3rd party design, engineering, or installation


Each LH and RH door measures


48″ X 42U Bi-Directional Doors

34.25″W X 4″D X 78″H

48″ (1200mm) Wide Aisles and 42U Cabinets

48″ X 45U Bi-Directional Doors

34.25″W X 4″D X 83.25″H

48″ (1200mm) Wide Aisles and 45U Cabinets

48″ X 48U Bi-Directional Doors

34.25″W X 4″D X 88.5″H

48″ (1200mm) Wide Aisles and 48U Cabinets

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