The 3-Phase – Vertical provides a convenient way of supplying 3 x 32A monitored power to a cabinet.  Each phase is provided with 3 x IEC C19 and 2 x IEC C13  socket outlets. Typically the C19 outlets may be used to power blade chassis and the C13 outlets for switches and other ancillary equipment.  (Other socket outlet combinations are also available).
Star (Wye) and Delta configured.
The 3-Phase – Vertical is configured for 3-phase power configured in a star configuration (3P + N). It is fitted with a 5 pin 32A inlet connector (IEC 60309 Commando or equivalent). Each group of 5 IEC outlets is wired between one phase and neutral. For a Delta configured power supply, please refer to the DeltaStrip datasheet.
  • Maximum Voltage: 250 V phase to neutral
  • Maximum input current: 32 A per phase
  • Maximum output current : 32 A per bank of sockets
  • Maximum current per outlet:
  • VDE: 10A/C13, 16A/C19
  • UL: 15A/C13, 20A/C19
  • Power measurements: Voltage (phase-neutral), Current, Watts, VA, kWHrs per phase.
  • Optional power measurements: Current per socket outlet
  • Optional environmental monitoring: Temperature & Humidity; Cabinet door openings
  • Dimensions (mm): 65 x 65 x 1900 (with fuses) or 65 x 65 x 1600 (without).
  • The phase to neutral voltage, the overall current and power (Watts and VA) are measured for each phase. Optionally, each socket’s current may also be individually measured.
  • Regulations vary from country to country and it is our experience that interpretation of the same regulation also varies. In some regions the requirement for circuit protection is that it must be provided within 3m of the conductor rating change.
  • This means that the circuit protection for individual socket outlets does not have to be provided on the strip, it can be provided by fuses within the plug top (eg British 13A plug tops), or it may be provided on the equipment at the end of an IEC lead.
  • IntelliStrips may be fitted with individual fuses per outlet, or for customers who do not want multiple points of failure, the IntelliStrips may be supplied without fuses. At present, only one fuse per outlet is possible on an IntelliStrip.
  • Care must be taken to provide adequate circuit protection for both phases wired to sockets on a Delta 3Phase IntelliStrip.