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MPL Technology Group showcases innovative DCIM offering

MPL Technology Group, a global leader in problem-solving and innovation in mission-critical environments, are showcasing N-GEN by MPL, a unique data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) offering, at the Data Centre World event this week. N-GEN, in conjunction MPL’s core capabilities, can address many of the recent challenges that major Data Centre owners and operators have been experiencing in the DCIM area.

The company has adopted a lean startup and agile approach to developing N-GEN, which is a culmination of 10 years Data Centre operational, consultancy and engineering experience spanning a number of multinational blue chip organisations. This approach has facilitated an innovative and potentially disruptive offering, which represents a departure from the traditional DCIM product.

David Lee, head of Marketing at MPL said: “We have found that our customers appreciate being able to grow at their own rate and use the relevant DCIM modules only when they need them. This means that their DCIM implementation path directly reflects their business needs step by step, and this is the best way that we can provide value to their organisation. We think that the beauty of DCIM is in the eye of the beholder – every data centre requirement is different, and we can customise our offering to suit. We have been able to help our customers move forward quickly, and gain cost-savings and efficiencies in their environments without extortionate expenditure.”

MPL Technology Group’s offering is not just software, it also includes expert consultancy, hardware products as well as integration with other systems.

N-GEN by MPL integrates 3rd party software, legacy systems, and legacy DCs for a comprehensive view of the estate.

Expert Consultancy
The Company’s expertise in developing hardware and software alongside the relevant services lets them provide an all-round service. This combination allows comprehensive, high-quality problem-solving capabilities in the IT and mission-critical infrastructure arena.

As a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of PDUs, MPL Technology Group can deliver the most expansive range of solutions to cater for a wide range of power management needs within today’s IT and Facilities management.

Aligning facilities and IT: The company’s range of products serves both facilities and IT and aligns them in the dashboard and reporting, for smarter business decisions with no gaps in management reporting.

Phil Maidment, CEO and Founder of MPL Technology Group said: “We are thrilled to be showcasing N-GEN at the Data Centre World event this week. Our problem-solving capabilities have given us the opportunity to create this innovative DCIM solution that delivers real value quickly, and is exactly what our customers need. We believe that N-GEN by MPL is the antidote to the DCIM stagnation and frustration that we are currently seeing in the market. Demos of the product can be arranged at any time.”

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