The Inside track on N-GEN – new demo videos!

The Inside track on N-GEN – new demo videos!

4 months ago 1118

We’re very pleased to release this playlist of demo videos showing how N-GEN can be used and how simple the interface is. We pride ourselves on the way it provides an easy-to-use interface, managing all the complexity that you can give it.

The playlist includes the following sections, which you can skip through using the ‘Forward’ button:

  • Introduction to N-GEN
  • Managing Thresholds and alerts
  • Custom reporting
  • N-GEN Asset Management
  • N-GEN Security
  • Analysing the Delta T and Psychometric Graphs
  • Power Mapping Balancing – Bridging the gap between IT and Facilities
  • Viewing MPL PDU and 3rd Party PDU data
  • Easy navigation using the Dashboard and Widgets

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