MPL Technology Group Enters New Phase of Growth
MPL Technology Group Enters New Phase of Growth

MPL Technology Group Enters New Phase of Growth

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MPL, a leader in the provision and installation of DCIM software & intelligent hardware to mission critical facilities, has today announced the appointment of David Lee as Managing Director. Founded in 2004, MPL Technology Group is a world-class company providing real-time environmental monitoring solutions for data centres and critical facilities. The true vendor neutrality of the MPL solution has led to it being chosen by some of the world’s leading companies including global financial institutions and large enterprise. Globally, the company has installed in excess of 50,000 devices and aims to double this over the next 18 months. Phil Maidment,

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MPL in DCD event London 2015

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MPL Technology Group is pleased to announce that we will presenting our latest software and hardware developments on Stand 325 at Datacenter Dynamics Converged Europe Event, that will be held on the 18th and 19th November at London’s Excel Exhibition Center. Our focus is in the creation of new innovative solutions that will allow our clients across the Globe to make their data centers even more efficiently than before. We will be demonstrating new modules from N-Gen, our principal DCIM software solution as well as our new Wire-Free Temperature and Humidity management system. We look forward to seeing you there...

MPL is Highlighted in specialized media

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Proving the success of the presentation on 14th May at DataCenter Dynamics 2015 in Brasilia, MPL is featured in an article talking about energy efficiency, highlighting its introduction of wire-free sensors. MPL has introduced a Wire-Free range of products to meet a constant challenge in managing the Data Centre environment. With a demand to increase CRAC set points globally and the rise in power and cooling requirements, MPL have recognised the need to have a flexible solution to manage both legacy and new Data Centre infrastructure. Monitor all your critical areas; racks, cold aisles, hot aisles, CRAC supply and CRAC

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Catedral - BrasíliaCathedral - BrasiliaCatedral - Brasilia

MPL in DCD event Brasilia 2015

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MPL Technology Group is pleased to announce that we will attend Datacenter Dynamics 2015 in Brasilia! Henry Baião from MPL will be introducing our new WirFree technology to monitoring temperature and humidity in the Data Centre. When: MAY 14 - MAY 14 2015A PARTIR DE 09:00 Where: Brasilia, ROYAL TULIP BRASILIA ALVORADA
MPL Datacenter Dynamics Mexico 2012

MPL focus: create innovative solutions for Data Centre technology

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On October 23th and 24th took place the 5th edition of Datacenter Dynamics Mexico in which MPL Technology Group participated for the third consecutive year. The consolidated IT market growth in Mexico attracted more than 800 IT professionals from different countries, looking for the most innovative solutions in the industry. MPL Technology Group has presented a comprehensive solution for monitoring and management  in the data centre in one of the most prosperous markets in Latin America , with a great opportunity to offer, another year, high quality, innovation and product functionality of MPL Technology Group in these demanding markets .

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Are large investments required to be more efficient in the Data Center?

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If we consider that a date centre shutdown could cost up to $ 2,800,000 per hour in the case of bank servers, or $ 2,000,000 in the case of communications, we can understand why data centre managers are not ready to take on certain risks by, in most cases renouncing greater energy efficiency by maintaining temperatures between 20 and 22 ºC. This is why The Green Grid recently published a study that lays the blame on the majority of data centre managers for continuing to work in an archaic fashion with respect to cooling. The Green Grid publication reminds us

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Data Center Best Practices MPL Technology Group

Data Center Best Practice

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  It is something quite tangible that data center managers are lacking air. Some of the blame lies in that fact that in recent years, the pressure to be more efficient in terms of energy, cooling and CO2 on the one hand and the increased demand for services on the other are converting the data centre into something that is becoming increasingly complicated to manage. Despite this, this sensation of a lack of air being experienced by the managers may simply be due to not being able to prevent air loss in the data centre. This continues to be the

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Intelligent Monitoring MPL Technology Group

Intelligent Monitoring

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Countries are pledging to cut CO2 emissions ahead of a more sustainable environment, while energy demand is increasing every year. The UK has developed a plan which will reduce CO2 emissions by 29% between 2013-2017 (relative to emissions in 1990) and 35% by 2022. Inevitably a proposal of this magnitude brings with it laws toughening CO2 emission and tax incentives that encourage efficiency within the data centre whilst reducing the impact on the environment. Therefore, in the near future, the key to success in a Data Centre will combine the increased demand for energy with less CO2 emissions. It is

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MPL presented the first Global Seminar on Cooling Capacity Factor

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On January 22 MPL presented in Madrid the first Global Seminar on Cooling Capacity Factor and the on-line application that Upsite has developed. The seminar was delivered by Lars Strong, senior engineer with Upsite Technologies. The video link below contains the interview conducted by Data Center Dynamics explaining what the Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) is and the  relevance to both infrastructure and cooling solutions. The CCF is the ratio of total installed nameplate cooling capacity to critical load and is the quickest way to assess cooling capacity load which will improve energy efficiency, reduce operating expense, improve the room environment and support increasing server

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